Health Care Reforms and Medical Necessity Determination

The United Sates of America is having the nastiest crisis of recession and down turn. The result is so awful that a record number of Americans received food stamps. The costs of entities have gone up and the joblessness is on its peak as five million US jobs have been lost. The disaster is affecting […]

Fixing Health Care

The cost of health insurance continues to climb unabated. As the number of uninsured in America swells to 45 million people, many look to our political leaders for answers and relief. Presidential campaign rhetoric about how to control skyrocketing health care costs provides only short-term solutions focused on the sticker price. But the administration should […]

Is There Any Alternative to Health Insurance Crisis?

Majority of people in this country are without health insurance. This sad situation, inspired these leaders in Texas to start this unique business to create an alternative to health care insurance. The whole idea of this company is to help the needy in this country with an alternative to health care insurance. They did that […]